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Part 1 - Our Trip to the Vidal Sassoon Academy, London, England

Team Soho In London, England, May, 2018
The Soho Hair Styling Team in London, Uk

Vidal Sassoon Academy, London, England
Sassoon Academy Building London UK

This is a reflection on our Soho annual educational trip that took place in May of 2018, at the prestigious Sassoon Academy in London, England. Sassoon training is globally recognized as the ultimate in hairdressing education. And for the past 60 years the reputation of Sassoon Academy has been built on developing and providing world-class education. The anticipation myself and the girls felt for this trip was quite strong, and it had finally come to fruition.

Carole took the “Salon Creative Cut Course”, where she learned how Sassoon’s innovative cutting techniques can be tailored to suit each person uniquely, whilst incorporating disconnections. The fundamental tool when cutting and designing hair, and to modernize the style.

Our Cutting Models

Modal Day at Sassoon - Red head bob Salon Creative hair cut at Sassoon Academy



Mens Hair Cut - Pin Hair

Jaylene, Ainsley, and Diana were enrolled in the “ABC Men Course” where they learned about men’s grooming, technique, shape, scissor over comb, and bone structure. The knowledge they have learned will help them to implement the above, while being mindful of suitability for their everyday men’s haircuts.

Mens Hair Cut Model Mens Cut Model At Sassoon Academy


Melodie, Amanda, and Gabby were enrolled in the “ABC Cut Course”, where they touched on women’s cutting, technique, shape, and suitability. This provided them with the very best foundation for furthering their knowledge and skills, expanding their repertoire, and giving them the confidence to suggest the proper hair cut for each client.

Ladies Long Hair Cut Ladies Short Hair Cut

Team Soho on Sassoon Academy Steps

Carole, Jaylene, Ainsley, Diana, Melodie, Amanda, and Gabby had so much fun exploring the city, eating phenomenal food, hitting up some great shopping, and also exploring our little neighborhood where we stayed. To no one’s surprise though, none of the above could compare to the education, inspiration, and passion for our craft, that we brought back with us from London.

Edmonton Team Soho Master Hair Stylists - Diploma Day!!!!
Edmonton Hair Salon Team Receiving Sassoon Certificates

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